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What happens on the land, happens to the water. Through collaboration with landowners in our service area and programs like Ivy River Partners and Shade Your Stream, Mountain Valleys works to conserve water resources and build resilience. Keep scrolling to learn how we can help you address resource concerns you may have about your land, farm, or community.

Shade your stream

Cost share program to restore healthy streambanks with native plants.

Ivy River Partners

Conserving land and water resources in the Ivy River Watershed.

Past Projects

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Stormwater Management - Rain Gardens

Madison County, with grant writing and technical assistance from Mountain Valleys RC&D, constructed rain gardens at the Town of Mars Hill Government Center and at the Madison County Extension Office. Rain gardens are gardens containing flowering plants and grasses (preferably native species of both) that can survive in soil soaked with water from rain storms. However, they are not gardens that have standing water. Rain Gardens collect and slow stormwater runoff and increase its infiltration into the soil.

These attractive gardens help reduce the rapid flow of stormwater from homes and businesses to storm drains and thus protect streams and lakes from pollutants that are washed from house roofs and paved areas. These educational demonstration projects increase public awareness of the importance of water quality. 

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NC Ecosystem Enhancement Program
Best Management Practice Project

Through work with EEP, Mountain Valleys RC&D was able to implement a significant number of stream and wetland restoration projects on privately owned land in Cleveland and McDowell Counties, North Carolina.  These projects required conservation practices such as livestock exclusion, heavy use protection areas, and watering systems to ensure the long term success of adjacent stream restorations. 


Mountain Valleys RC&D has considerable expertise and experience working with private landowners to implement these conservation practices.  The purpose of these conservation practices will be to improve water quality on EEP stream restoration projects through cattle exclusion to these streams and wetlands.

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