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Wildfire Resource: NCFS Fuels Removal Program

The NC Forest Service provides an annual roadside debris removal service. This is a FREE service but you must apply. Preference will be given to Firewise USA recognized communities, communities that have been assessed with high risks, and communities within CWPP areas of concern. All active communities are encouraged to apply!

Communities must gather at least 20 piles of woody debris (no more than 50) that are less than 4'x4'8' within 5 feet of the road. Debris piles can be composed of fallen sticks from the yard, debris from vegetation pruning, or logs/branches less than 6" diameter.

NOT ALLOWED: Lumber, fence posts, roots, stumps, herbaceous/non-woody plant material, invasive plan species, materials with rock or sand, construction or man-made materials. Read their program guidelines document for restrictions and more information about the application process.

All debris will be hauled off and disposed of by a contractor unless the community requests that the debris be chipped and left on-site (free mulch anyone!?). Projects will begin starting March 2023.

Applications are due by January 6, 2023.

More information from NC Forest Service at Resist Wildfire NC.

Interested in getting your community involved with the Firewise USA recognition program? Mountain Valleys can help your community organize and apply! Contact us today.


To find out more about fire adaptation and what you can do to reduce your home's wildfire risk, visit our Forest Resource page here or contact us at

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