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From the toolbox: Wildland Fire Action Guide

Wildfire in eastern TN, 2022.

One of the most important things you can do to reduce your wildfire risk is make a plan to be prepared for a wildfire threat. The International Association of Fire Chief’s Ready, Set, Go! Program developed a Wildland Fire Action Guide to help you gain situational awareness at home, prepare for an emergency event, and know when to go and what to take when evacuated.

Some highlights from RSG! program:


  • Create defensible space to slow the spread of fire to and from the house

  • Home hardening measures such as construction material to safeguard your home

  • Create an action plan and rehearse it regularly so family members are familiar with it

  • Assemble a go kit with emergency supplies. Don’t forget to plan for your pets. Complete checklist for Wildfire Evacuation from Nevada Extension Office.

  • Sign up for local emergency notifications. Check your local fire department or emergency management agency websites for information on the system used in your area.


  • During high fire danger conditions (dry and windy), stay alert. Monitor the weather and fire status in your area.

  • Be prepared to leave. Ensure your go kit is ready with all necessary items - phone charger, drinking water, etc.

  • If a wildfire is nearby, remain close to your house, drink plenty of water, and ensure your household members and pets are accounted for and ready to leave. Don’t leave sprinklers on or water running. They can affect critical water pressure.


  • Leaving early gives you and your household members the best chance of surviving a wildfire. Leave early enough to avoid being caught in fire, smoke, or road congestion.

  • Have several travel routes in case one route is blocked by the fire or by emergency vehicles.

  • Remember to take your go kit with necessary items for your family and pets.

  • Cooperate with local authorities during evacuation and re-entry processes.

It is not a question of if, but when, the next major wildfire will occur.

Use the Action Guide to help you come up with a plan. Take time to go through the checklists and and practice your plan before a wildfire occurs!


To find out more about fire adaptation and what you can do to reduce your home's wildfire risk, visit our Forest Resource page here or contact us at

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