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Mountain Valleys & RiverLink Host Livestaking and Invasive Management Workshop

Mountain Valleys and RiverLink hosted participants at a work-and-learn event at Azalea Park in Asheville. Participants learned all about livestakes and invasive management through a discussion and hands-on experience.

Livestakes are a cost-effective and straight-forward way to revegetate streambanks with trees and shrubs. Livestakes are cuttings from dormant plants that will grow roots when placed in the soil correctly. By attending our workshop, participants gained the skills they need to confidently livestake their own streambanks.

Azalea park is undergoing treatment to remediate an extensive kudzu infestation. Participants learned about streamside invasive management and got the chance to practice mechanical removal techniques.

Thank you to all of our participants for your eagerness to learn & your hard work! Interested in learning with Mountain Valleys? Keep an eye on our event page and social media for event announcements!

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