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New Funding for Sustainable Energy

Mountain Valleys RC&D has recently received a Rural Energy For America, Technical Assistance Grant (REAP TAG). This new grant allows WNC EnergyCAP to continue assisting farmers and small businesses owners at no-cost as they navigate funding options for energy efficiency improvement and renewable energy projects.

The USDA/REAP program can provide 50% for eligible energy projects. Coupled with possible other funding sources and favorable tax credits, financial assistance can be much higher. Right now is a great time to consider energy efficiency and renewable energy projects such as:

· Solar PV (water pumping, greenhouse fans, lighting, etc.)

· Solar hot water (pasteurization, processing, etc.)

· Renewable biomass or efficient greenhouse heating

· Lighting improvements

· Insulation

· Ventilation and fans

· Diesel-to-electric conversions

· Wood pellet heating

· Anaerobic digestion of manures

· Hydroelectric systems

· and more!

WNC EnergyCap can provide on-site evaluations and consultations, as well as advising on energy audits, application assistance, and locating contractors. To request assistance, please visit and click on apply, or call Mountain Valley RC&D office at 828-206-6159.

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