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Summer kickoff: Cleaning the River at Forks of Ivy!

Glory Ridge Camp is located in Marshall, NC and hosts groups throughout the summer. We collaborated on a morning of fun and community service with 15 students from Christ Church (Episcopal) of Raleigh and 6 staff members and chaperones.

We started by meeting up at Glory Ridge, enjoying the beautiful and peaceful space, and discussing our local watershed and best practices for river cleanups. Then everyone caravaned over to Mars Hill where the Big Ivy and Little Ivy Rivers meet at Forks of Ivy. The volunteers collected litter from in and around the water and all around the area roadsides.

Together we removed 80 lbs of litter from our roads and rivers. Thank you to this dedicated group of volunteers!

Mountain Valleys can help coordinate and provide resources for your group or organization to participate in river cleanups. For more information, email

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