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Wildfire Mitigation Tool Cache

The power is in your hands!

A home’s vulnerability to airborne embers, surface fires, and crown fires is determined by the amount of hazardous (flammable) fuels present within 30 ft of the home. Once you have identified these hazards (Identified Your Risk), you're ready to take action to make your home more resilient to wildfire.

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Homeowners must take the initiative in working to protect their property and neighborhoods before a wildfire occurs. There are simple steps you can take to reduce hazardous fuels around your home.

We have a cache of mitigation tools ready to be used by your community for hazardous fuel reduction - FREE OF CHARGE! Simply click the button below, fill out the request form and we will deliver them directly to your community. More instruction about how and where to use these tools can be given if needed.

After you've completed mitigation work,

the next step is to log your mitigation activity.

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