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Connecting Landowners to Resources for Healthy Streams

Shade Your Stream is a grant funded initiative to incentivize landowners to restore healthy streamside vegetation on their land. 


Do you have an eroding stream on your property that you are concerned about?

Fill out our Intake Form.

After you fill out the form:

1. We will follow up and schedule a site visit if needed.

2. At the site visit, we will determine your needs and eligibility for cost share** for invasive control and stabilization using natural materials and native plants.

3. We will develop a planting plan and confirm your cost share.

4. If you decide to follow through, you will sign a landowner agreement and planting will proceed.


**Cost for landowner is $1.50 per foot for the first 100 feet and $1 per foot after that. Ex. A 200 foot section of stream will cost $250.


Visit to learn more about the dos and don’ts of streamside vegetation and erosion.



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