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Individual homeowner self-assessment
Helpful tips for homeowner self-assessments:

Although this is a "self-assessment," we recommend having your neighbor perform the assessment on your home, and you do the same for their home. 

Don't get caught up with the points; there is no "bad grade". This assessment's purpose is to help you become aware of the fire hazards around your home.


Start with fixing things you can control (ie: cleaning your gutters) instead of being overwhelmed by the bigger, maybe impractical projects (ie: replacing the siding on your home).

This assessment could be performed every year, as wildfire risk reduction is an ongoing effort. It's not a "one and done"; risk reduction requires continuous maintenance.

*If you live in a neighborhood or development, you must have at least 5 neighbors sign up as well.

A self-assessment can sometimes be a little overwhelming. You can request NCFS staff and/or a Wildfire Preparedness Coordinator to help evaluate your risk and suggest actions you can take to reduce your risk. 

These forms were created by the North Carolina Forest Service.

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